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Secure your Data with our  Cyber Threat Assessments Secure your Data with a  Website Assessment
Secure your Data with our Cyber Threat Assessments
33% of data breaches involved social engineering
Secure your Data with a Website Assessment
43% of data breaches involved small businesses. The average size of a data breach is 25,575 records

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+44 (0) 292 196 1061

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Cyber Security

Over 22 Years of experience in Data, VoIP, Security & Network Engineering.

Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer, Cisco CCNA/CCNP Data/Voice, CompTIA Security+, CompTIA Pentest+, eJPT  

Threat Assessments

Internal and External Cyber threat vulnerability assessments with full reporting

Penetration testing

Full Penetration testing of known exploits

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Full Internal and External Vulnerability testing and reporting

Wireless & Mobile


We test your Wifi for known Vulnerabilities

Web Application


Vulnerability testing of known exploits on your application servers



Full Penetration testing of exploits on your system

Protect your business from criminal threats

Why penetration testing works?

The purpose of a Pentest is to improve network security and provide protection for your entire network and connected devices against future attacks. Penetration testing helps to identify vulnerabilities within a network.

Benefits to your business:

  • Test your Cyber-defence capabilities
  • Reveal vulnerabilities in computers, applications and networks
  • Find holes and plug them before an attacker can get inside and wreak havoc
  • Protect your organisation’s reputation
  • Ensure compliance

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